I write. You win.

My name is Janet Heimlich and I've been a writer and editor for more than twenty years. I create content for clients who want to use the power of the written word to inspire and motivate readers and customers.

I create content that is clear, concise, and target-driven. Whether you need a ghostwriter to help you finish that memoir or are wanting to breathe new life into a website, I can present to the world your message in your voice.

For many people, the process of writing is time-consuming, frustrating, and daunting. Using my content, you can focus on your big-picture goals. I love to write, so let me do the heavy lifting!

"Janet Heimlich is a gifted writer who can take complex and difficult concepts and make them understandable to the average reader."
— Marci A. Hamilton, Senior Fellow, University of Pennsylvania  
"I really enjoyed working with Janet on my writing. She is a professional who listens and is knowledgeable in making a big difference in writings or documents."
— Steve Smith
"When my son asked me for a recommendation as to who could review his law school application essay, I immediately thought of Janet. He liked her thoroughness, kindness, empathy and positivity from the start. Before he turned to Jan, my son wasn't feeling sure about his essay, but in the end he was confident and so happy with the results."
— Cathy Schwab Prichard
"Janet is a pleasure to work with and a true professional. She took time to explain why certain changes were being suggested. She has been instrumental in helping me take my writing to new heights!"
— Lisa Maxime, Business Writer & Social Marketing Strategist  
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