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I create content that is clear, concise, and tells a great story. Whether you're wanting to breathe new life into a website, draft a proposal, finish that memoir, or send an email to your employer, I can present your message clearly and in your voice. What's more, I'm a good listener who understands your goals and how to achieve them through writing.


The process of writing is time-consuming, frustrating, and daunting for many people. Using my content, you can focus on your goals and not worry about the task of writing. I can turn dull, complex, jargon-laden language into creative, compelling, digestible content that reflects your voice and tone. And did I mention I'm a stickler for keeping to editorial standards?
 Blogging and More

Short of romance novels, I'm  qualified to write for just about any application, from business proposals to correspondence to video scripts. I'm eager to rise to the challenge of turning dull language into a compelling story. To view my LinkedIn page, please click here. Click here to see my resume.



Who doesn't have a great story to tell? The problem is, most people don't have the skills to package and tell a story so it resonates with a target audience. As an award-winning journalist, I've interviewed hundreds of people. Many have appreciated the time I took to understand their views and accurately and clearly express their feelings.



When it comes website development, I fancy myself as a "content architect." It means I can organize content so your site effectively meets your objectives. Am I a graphic designer? Nope. A website programmer? Heck no. My focus is on using language to offer your audience the right experience. See examples of websites I've constructed here.

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