Getting Results

What do you want to say and to whom? Many people wish they could send a document that expresses their needs but find the writing process daunting. Using my content, you can focus on your goals and not worry about the task of writing. Armed with a well written document, people are likely to hear you and respond favorably.


Wouldn't it be great if your manager took your ideas seriously? If your landlord would pay you that deposit he owes you? What about that business owner who said she'd send you a refund check and can't seem to find time to get around to it?
Getting what you deserve from people is possible if you know how to reach out to them. Once I understand your needs, I can write content for an email or letter that the recipient will take seriously. It won't guarantee you'll get what you want, but it will help you to be heard and taken seriously.
In addition to correspondence, I can also write for you a smashing proposal or an gripping essay for a job application. Once I get to know your goals and strengths, it's just a matter of laying out the information in a way that is clear, concise, and compelling.
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